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John Hunter-Holmes B.A. (Hons), B.Ost. (Hons) Registered Osteopath holmes John runs a sports injury and prevention clinic at his practise in Lucerne Mews W8.


He is bilingual in French and English and has a keen interest in rugby which he has played for a number of years. He is more than happy to discuss the problem over the phone initially and will make every effort to see any urgent cases as soon as possible.


Alongside the specialised sports clinic there is a General musculoskeletal clinic covering all age groups, Paediatric care, Ante/Post natal care and Cranial osteopathy.


If you have any queries or are unsure as to whether the Lucerne clinic can help, please feel free to give them a call or speak to the club’s committee members.


Lucerne Clinic 5a Lucerne Mews London W8 4ED

Tel/Fax: 0207 168-2471

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