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The London French have a very active social scene and a fine reputation as party hosts. Every year we organise several public and private events for everyone to gather around and share exciting moments. the LFRFC parties are open to everyone who wants to have a good time.

Note: In certain circumstances, private events are organised and restricted to the players and their entourage (20 to 40 people) only in order to create a team bonding atmosphere and reinforce affinities whithin the squad.


If you can't come to the events or if you've missed the date already but still want to socialise with the LFRFC community, feel free to come watch our teams play on Saturdays. It is a great opportunity to meet many people involved in the club and to talk to the the players  after the game, during "la troisième mi-temps" (post-match reception). To find out, when the teams are playing at home (Barnes Elm Playing Field), check out our next fixtures.

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