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The magnificent 7 directions for a better London French Season

1. Pay your membership subscription and match fees (on time please)

Your annual membership subscription pays for renting the pitches, playing insurance, club subscriptions, new kit, events, and more or less all the club activity. The match fees pay for the referees expenses, the opposition team reception, food and beers. Without the membership and the subscription there wouldn’t be a London French RFC – therefore pay it. The payments will be monitored and only players who are fully registered (RFU registered or those who have paid subbs). Basically, if you are badly injured, you are not covered unless you have paid the annual membership subscription.


2. Arrive on time

Turning up on time is important for every aspect of the club: training, pre game warm- up, social events. If you are late for the training, then you will not make the most of it. If you are late for a game match warm- up you let your team down. If you are late for the a social event, you will miss the train or / bus or / plane or / a few beers. Everybody has work and/or family commitments and it is as important that you turn up on time. Social rugby doesn’t mean taking advantage of others. and tTimekeeping will be monitored. You will be fined if you are late without a very good excuse.


3. Wear the London French RFC colours on and off the pitch

Most of the teams we are playing are turning up with wearing their club uniform/colours. We are asking the players to turn up wearing the famous LF RFC beret, a white shirt and the club tie. It is a mark of respect towards the opposition side and the referee. and face it, this also looks really good. When you are playing for the club you also have to wear the club colours: white shorts and red socks. You can purchase these items from our president, Antoine Lurot. A fine system will be applied if these rules are broken.


4. Respect your opponent

If you are booked for a bad gesture not only do you let your team down for 10 minutes, or the remaining time but you also crippled the club’s budget as we are charged for the offences committed by our players (this admittedly this only applies to red cards). Retaliating is not an excuse. way to act (you either accept retaliation or you don’t!). If you are booked, YOU will be fined £10 for a yellow card and £25 for a red card. The club is not here to pay for your misconduct at disciplinary hearings.

5. Respect the referee

It seems fairly obvious – but it is always good to remind it ourselves. Those in the middle will not award 50/50 decisions in the club’s favour if you our players always continuously chat back, or complain or shout. Even if a wrong decision is made, we must remember that it will never be withdrawn or changed. If you chat back to the ref, they will penalise the team or could even send you off to the line. Do not talk to the ref. We must , accept the his/her decisions, and take it them on the chin. Only the captain should be talking to the ref. Don’t forget that the ALL communication with the ref should be through the captain only. The referee is an unpaid volunteer who spends their Saturday afternoons ensuring that you can enjoy a safe game of rugby.


6. Help your team mates out

If you take the engagement of playing commit to playing, then make sure you come and playturn up. Many players have been injured due to the a lack of replacements and/or a shortage of players on the field. If you do not come, remember that you are letting your team-mates down. Both before and after the match, the Captains and the club can always do with a bit of help for with organising/packing/folding the jerseys, gathering/filling bottles, sub and match fee collection and the organisation of or social events organisation. Please volunteer in order to make ease the load as easy as possible for everybody.


7. Take care of your body and keep fit

Getting pissed the Friday night before a game or only coming for the games on Saturday without training is not only stupid but also dangerous. The club has had some serious injuries in the past due to a lack of fitness and/or training. While we can’t force you to go to the gym, training will be monitored and attendance to training will be part of the team selections. Please be responsible.

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