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London French Rugby Football Club insures all its teams under the Rugby Football Union’s compulsory “Accidental Death and Disability Insurance Scheme”.

The scheme covers death and permanent disability “following injury by accidental means”. The benefits range from £20,000 payable in the event of death to £500,000 in the event of permanent total disablement from any occupation following accidental injury whilst playing or training.

Please note that this is a very concise summary of the insurance scheme and does not include all of the terms and conditions. All members are strongly advised to consider taking out their own personal insurance to cover temporary disability and loss of earnings and to consider whether the benefits for accidental death and death by natural causes provided under the RFU Schemes are adequate for their personal circumstances.

Please note that the club does not cover temporary disability and loss of earnings.

Find the full T&Cs of the RFU compulsory insurance scheme and the contact details should you have any questions by clicking here.

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