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The players are required to bring their own rugby wear (jersey, shorts, socks and boots).
Training is happening on a 4G pitch, therefore plastic studs are mandatory.
Players are also asked to bring their gum shield as the team practices some real match situation during training.  


Note: there is no specific colours to wear.


Since its foundation in 1959, the club has always made a great deal of efforts to flawlessly preserve the French traditions on and off the pitch. As a result, the team outfit has the same colours as the traditional France team (i.e. red socks, white shorts, blue jersey). It is the players' responsibility to bring their own shorts and socks (as per the club's colours) for the game as well as other personal belongings such as gum shields, towels, shower gel, etc. If you need to get a white pair of shorts and some red socks, you can get the club's official shorts and socks on the Tacklebag website below.

Note: Jerseys will be provided on the day
The match subs are also to be paid by all players on the day 

Post-game receptions & social events

In order to convey our French heritage, the club asks all players to wear the LFRC shirt and tie after each games and during the official events organised by the social committee. Other than being a form of respect for the opposition and the referee, the post-game outfit shows the players' dedication to the team and contributes to building a prestigious club.

Note: The club's beret goes well with the shirt and tie and is a good ice breaker to talk to the ladies during the events.  Everyone likes a smartly dressed frenchman with a nice smile.

If the Tackle bag website below does not work, please click here

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